See what I’ve been up to in grad school (a compilation of favorite projects + greatest hits)

World-Building in Cinema 4D 


Exploring architectural design, lighting and 3D animation


Explorations in Stop-Motion 


Making ramen noodles with hair tools

38-second stop-motion animation, consisting of 600 frames, shot in Dragonframe on a Canon Mark III

Unlike other filmmaking mediums, stop-mo lets you achieve magical realism without special effects. You get the cinematic quality of film and the conceptual freedom of animation

Homemade Controller


Using serial communication to make a biscuit-eating video game

Window Seat 


Gesture-operated lamp makes you feel like you're in an airplane window seat, cruising through a sunset at 36,000 ft

I connected an Adafruit Proximity/Gesture Sensor and NeoPixel LED strip to an Arduino Uno (5V) microcontroller. Running on Adafruit's code library, I programmed the sensor to detect gestures within a 6-inch threshold. The LED colors and animation patterns change based on gestures detected.

To turn the lamp on, wave your hand in an upward motion, similar to the way you’d open an airplane window shade.

Experiments in AR


AR interactions and animations created in Unity and Spark AR Studio